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28 June 1909 – Born

1925 – Scholarship to study engineering at Northampton Polytechnic in Islington – soon dropped out.

Trainee at Edison Swan Electrical Company and then their cable works in Gloucestershire.

Return to London, he composed a press release extolling the virtues of a batch of dodgy bulbs for car headlights.

1936The Dark Frontier – Debut novel published. Ambler later remembered 1936 as “the year in which Italy invaded Abyssinia, civil war broke out in Spain and Hitler ordered the German army to reoccupy the Rhineland… These were the things I was trying, in my own fictional terms, to write about.”

1937 – Uncommon Danger

1938 – Epitaph for a Spy

1938 – Cause for Alarm

1939 – The Mask of Dimitrios

1940 – Journey to Fear

1944The Way Ahead (Screenplay)

1947The October Man (Screenplay)

1949 – The Passionate Friends (Screenplay)

1950 – Highly Dangerous (Screenplay)

1951 – The Clouded Yellow (Screenplay)

1951 – The Magic Box (Screenplay)

1951 – Encore (Screenplay)

1952Judgement on Deltchev

1952 – The Card (Screenplay)

1953The Schirmer Inheritance

1953 – The Cruel Sea (Screenplay)

1953 – Academy Award for his script The Cruel Sea

1953 – Shoot First also known as Rough Shoot (Screenplay)

1954 – The Purple Plain (Screenplay)

1954 – Lease of Life (Screenplay)

1956The Night-Comers, also published as State of Siege

1957 – Yangtse Incident: The Story of HMS Amethyst (Screenplay)

1958 – A Night to Remember (Screenplay)

1959 – The Wreck of the Mary Deare (Screenplay)

1959Passage of Arms

1959 – Gold Dagger – Crossed Herrings Award for Passage of Arms

1962The Light of Day, also published as Topkapi.

1962 – Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Act of Faith (TV episode)

1964 – Edgar Award for The Light of Day/Topkapi, Best Novel

1964A Kind of Anger

1964To Catch a Spy (Anthology of stories)

1967Dirty Story

1969The Intercom Conspiracy, also published as The Quiet Conspiracy

1970 – Love Hate Love (TV Movie)

1972The Levanter

1972 – Gold Dagger Award for The Levanter

1974Doctor Frigo

1977Send No More Roses

1981The Care of Time

1985Here Lies: An Autobiography

1986 – Diamond Dagger Award

1987 – Edgar Award for Best Critical/Biographical Work

1991Waiting for Orders – eight stories mostly written in 1939-40 while Ambler awaited his call to military duty.

1993The Story so Far: Memories and Other Fictions – nine autobiographical stories covering different periods of Ambler’s life.

22 October 1998 -Died


“Unquestionably our best thriller writer ever” – Graham Greene


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